Buying a new home with a pool?

Before your purchase,educate yourself by having a pool inspection. We will produce a detailed report and recommendations to make sure the pool/spa is in proper operating condition.

RealEstate Inspections/Consulting

We provide you with an onsite detailed inspection of the pool and equipment. Next we produce a detailed written report and estimate with pictures from a C-53 contractor to bring to final negations. Our professional consulting after the inspection helps educate the buyer and agent of the pool of the overall condition of the pool so there are no surprises and unexpected expenses after moving in.


Buying or selling, we will produce you a hassle free estimate for any repair or service desired.

Weekly Pool Service

While your home is on the market we will service the pool to keep it looking great for prospective buyers.

Pool Rehabilitation

If your pool is in need of some extra TLC before hitting the market. We can get it back up and running within 24 hours, Even if your equipment is inoperable and the pool is green.