Commercial and Residential Pool Repair & Cleaning in San Diego, California

At Freestyle Pools, We have been providing the greater San Diego area with professional reliable pool service for since 1985. We specialize in residential pool care, along with commercial pool services. We are licensed bonded and insured C-53454544. Contact us and know you never have to worry about unsafe swimming conditions or equipment damage from neglect. We can also help reduce your pools environmental footprint while saving you money.

Enjoy Your Pool

By turning your pool over to Freestyle Pools, you can spend more time enjoying prime swimming conditions. We are a boutique service that caters to upscale and professional clientele. Our home pool services include weekly and bi-weekly:

  • Full System Services
  • Pool Automation; control your pool and spa from a smartphone
  • Weekly Or Bi-Weekly Residential Service
  • Chemical Services
  • Green Pool Cleanup

Equipment Sales & Installs

Whether for your residential or commercial pool, we are able to repair or install any equipment. After your estimate, if we are able to address the issue then we replace or repair any under-performing or damaged equipment such as:

  • Pentair Equipment Sets
  • Varriable Speed Pumps
  • Automation/ Smartphone control 
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Color Changing LED Pool Lighting